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We love the patina that our jewelry develops when it has been loved and worn, and find that it adds to the personal story of every piece. But sometimes you want to restore your beloved jewelry to its original shine - so here's a guide on how to care for your Twenty Pieces jewelry.


Our Bronze and Brass pieces develop a darker finish that can be beautiful on its own, but if you want to restore it to its original golden finish you can use a professional jewelry polish cloth or a jewelry cleaner that's made for brass.

Your jewelry will also look good for longer if you avoid getting it in contact with water, so make sure to remove your jewelry before showering, etc.

It's also good to store your jewelry in its box or even better - a zip loc bag to make it last even longer.


The 925 Sterling silver pieces from our collection can be restored to their original shine by polishing gently with a polishing cloth for silver jewelry or cleaned with a liquid jewelry cleaner for silver.

It will also look beautiful for longer if you avoid getting it wet, so remember to take your silver jewelry off before getting in the shower.

It's great to store your jewelry in its box or an air sealed bag to keep it looking great even longer.

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