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I want all of my jewelry to protect you and give you strength. All of the pieces in the collection are designed by me, Amanda Almgren, and inspired by my great love for history, symbolism and all things mysterious. Every piece is hand finished by me in my Stockholm studio. It is so important to me that you feel the craftsmanship and human touch in everything I create. All the way from the first spark of an idea that then takes form in a handsculpted piece, to the beautiful final cast in metal. 

I love ancient symbols and I believe they have great power and meaning. I want Twenty Pieces to be a magical place that is waiting to be explored by you, where you will discover all the amazing secrets that live between fantasy and reality.

Join me as we wander deeper into the hazy woods of our enchanted forest, where history speaks to us through signs and symbols. I love to capture these fleeting moments by casting them in metal - and make them into everlasting memories that give strength and protection to those who wear it.

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